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Colorado considers domestic violence an act or threatened act of violence against a person the accused has an intimate relationship with.

An intimate relationship includes partners, spouses, ex spouses, ex partners, co parents and co habitants. Penalties for domestic violence in Colorado. If convicted of domestic violence in Colorado, the accused may face certain financial and legal repercussions. Jail time, domestic violence treatment programs, restrictions for firearm ownership, house arrest, probation, more serious felony charges if you have prior convictions.

Protection orders in Colorado. The courts take domestic violence charges seriously and you should too. Protection orders are one common result of a domestic violence charge or conviction. We help our clients manage the complex process of protection orders.

Legal experience you can trust. In these cases, we want to help you defend yourself and your family. We understand the law and have the experience to navigate the legal system. We know seeking legal help can feel overwhelming. That's why we offer a free consultation.

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DUI Law Firm Denver
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⁣Will I have to do alcohol classes - DUI Law Firm Denver

Generally speaking, the answer is YES. The amount of alcohol classes that you will need to do is dependent if you are a repeat offender or not and whether your BAC results where above or below a .15. If it is your first DUI and your BAC is below .15 you will have to do 24 hours of level two alcohol classes and 48 hours of level two therapy. If it is your first DUI and your above .15 you will have to do a 24 hours of level two alcohol classes and 52 hours of level two therapy. For DUI's when you have priors, you will be required to do significantly more hours of acohol classes. If your BAC is below .15 you will need to complete 24 hours of level two alcohol classes and 68 hours of level two therapy. And if the BAC is above .15 you will need to complete 24 hours of level two alcohol classes and 86 hours of level two therapy.

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DUI Law Firm Denver
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Whenever drug crimes are mentioned, thoughts of imprisonment and other unpleasant consequences arise. It is likely that you are overwhelmed by the potential outcome of a drug-related criminal charge, such as distributing, possessing, or manufacturing. You should not lose hope despite how bad things may seem at first. Criminal defense attorneys can protect your rights and, in many cases, reduce or dismiss your charges entirely.

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The chances of getting a DUI charge dismissed are very slim. When people come to see us about being represented over a DUI, the significant number of them come with the belief that their DUI is gonna be dismissed. This couldn't be further from the truth. Once the district attorney office charges you for a DUI, it's based on evidence that makes them believe that you may have been drinking and driving. And as a result they aren't inclined to dismissed the charge. There is usually room for negotiating with the district attorney to get an offer for a lesser charge but a dismissal is rare.

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⁣There are two kinds of tests that maybe perform for testing for alcohol. The first is a breath test. Colorado uses intoxilyzer 9000 to conduct their breath testing. If you choose to take the breath test that is the machine that will be used and you will be given the results when you're done taking the test. If you choose to take the blood test, your test will be send to a forensics lab and it can take months before the lab provide the results.

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Learn more here for repeat DUI offenders https://duilawfirmdenver.com/d....ui-denver/dui-defens

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