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Pokémon, but I added 50+ NEW Types

2023-09-18 133,932 0 2,453,920 YouTube

I took Pokémon Emerald and added nearly 50 new types to the game like Gamer, Smash, Furry, Magic, Sus, and many more! [SPONSORED] Thanks to Air Up for sponsoring the video! Get your own here: and use code ALPHARAD for 10% off your entire order. TRY "POKEMON: TOO MANY TYPES" TODAY: ➤ WATCH THE FULL STREAM: ➤ ➤ STREAM: ➤ MERCH: ➤ TWITTER: ➤ INSTAGRAM: #alpharad #pokemon #toomanytypes #airuppartner #airup MODDERS: ➤ Kobazco: ➤ Cannons: ➤ MarinePez: [email protected] VIDEO EDITOR: ➤ i have spent the past 4 days working on this nonstop THUMBNAIL ART: ➤ Koro: AMONG US X POKEMON ART: ➤ @jaidenanimations: ADDITIONAL CREDITS: RH Hideout Pokeemerald Expansion: NobodySociety HM Items: Mkol103 Remove Low Health Beep: voloved Push B in wild battles moves to Run: "TOO MANY TYPES" RESOURCES: Type Chart: Major Fights: Full Changelog: