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Luffy's Sun God Status IS NOT ALONE -The HUGE Mystery Of The Forest God Devil Fruit REVEALED

30 Views· 20 Jun 2022
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One Piece Manga has released One Piece Chapter 1053 has just revealed the new Emperors of the sea, those being, Monkey D. Luffy, Buggy, Marshall D, Teach and “Red hair” Shanks. Luffy, Kid and Law NEW Bounties of 3,000,000,000 Billion Berries are also revealed. With the previous Revealed of The Sun God, Nika. The New God of the Forest is revealed, Navy Admiral Ryokugyu A.K.A. Aramaki!

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0:00 - The New Era of One Piece is Here?
5:26 - The Strongest Pirates In One Piece!
7:44 - Buggy D. Clown Is Born!
8:45 - Yamato Joins Luffys Crew?
10:42 - Oden Father's Still Alive!?
14:33 - The God of The Forest is Revealed!?

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