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What multitasking does to your brain | BBC Ideas

In life, there is always so much to do... but is multitasking the answer? Can we really multitask? Here's what goes on in our brains ...

2020-04-28 03:17 225,921 YouTube

How well can you multitask?

Subscribe and you'll have good luck forever :) Check out my other socials! Instagram ...

2022-03-01 00:36 1,273,520 YouTube

Multitasking Is a Myth, and to Attempt It Comes at a Neurobiological Cost | Big Think

Multitasking Is a Myth, and to Attempt It Comes at a Neurobiological Cost Watch the newest video from Big Think: ...

2016-05-09 02:47 140,791 YouTube

Try the Myth of Multitasking Exercise! | Updated Version of Multitask Test

Think you're a good multitasker? Test your skills with this simple exercise. Then post your results below! Know someone who ...

2021-01-19 05:30 84,485 YouTube

Paolo Cardini: Forget multitasking, try monotasking

People aren't just cooking anymore -- they're cooking, texting, talking on the phone, watching YouTube and uploading photos of ...

2012-11-30 02:53 356,593 YouTube

Multi-tasking more about Multi-tasking and why it could damage your business.Learn about list building here==>

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2006-10-10 00:27 148 Dailymotion


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2016-04-24 00:42 0 Dailymotion

Autista multi tasking

Incredibile: scorre i titoli del giornale, consulta il portatile, legge gli sms che gli arrivano e se ha un attimo di tempo riesce anche a dare un'occhiata alla...

2010-11-03 00:46 11,951 Dailymotion

Eventful Multi-Tasking

The least amount of effort put into getting some shiny things....

2013-07-10 01:02 4 Dailymotion