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Secrets in the Shadow of the Erdtree

   Published: 2 months ago


Uploaded by VaatiVidya ►Purchase my new Displate print (discounted link) -
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►Famitsu Interview:
►IGN Interview:
►Thanks to @Quelaag for her Carian observation
►Thanks to @ZullietheWitch for her Wicker Man observation
►Thanks to for their cleanrot observation
►Excellent photo manipulation by /u/wooser69

00:00 The New Trailer
02:42 New Gameplay Details
06:10 Lore: The Poem
06:50 Lore: The Land of Shadow
12:05 Lore: A Land Purged
15:02 Lore: Messmer the Impaler
24:31 Lore: Kind Miquella
33:34 New Displate Design
34:42 Final Observations

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►Mispap1, for Lore / Prepare to Cry editing and footage - @mispap1
►Frans Bouma, for your legendary Elden Ring camera tools -
►Rainer, for their modding assistance in these videos - @rainergeis4071

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