From ROI To ROE (Show 3 with Dustin Stout): The True Value of Return on Engagement


Lisa Engles - From ROI To ROE (Show 3 with Dustin Stout): The True Value of Return on Engagement

From ROI To ROE (Show 3 with Dustin Stout): The True Value of Return on Engagement - Lisa Engles

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playertube best videos - From ROI To ROE (Show 3 with Dustin Stout): The True Value of Return on Engagement
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Lisa Engles
  • 10 days ago
*Show 3 with +Dustin W. Stout  : How to Cultivate Real Engagement Across Multiple Platforms*

We're on a roll!  Show 3 with Dustin Stout airs tomorrow, March 6th at 10am PT, 1pm ET.  This will actually be my first hangout with Dustin, but here's what I love about him and why I asked him to be in this series -- Dustin always brings a fresh perspective to table that engages people in a conversation.  He's a self proclaimed creative lunatic and social strategist who (from what I can tell) has mastered the art of engagement across multiple platforms and there's a lot that coaches, consultants and solopreneurs can learn from him.    

In this show Dustin will be sharing his insights and tips for cultivating real engagement across multiple platforms even if you don't think you have any time to spare.  And as much as small business owners cringe at the thought of added yet another thing on their to-do list, we'll be talking about the advantages of cross-platform engagement.  

Just RSVP “YES” to this event, bookmark this page and return back at showtime.

Be sure to catch all the other hangouts in this series.  

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*Show 3* with Dustin Stout: How To Cultivate Real Engagement Across Multiple Platforms

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*Series Description*

There’s a movement happening in online marketing, especially in the ‘experts industry’.  Over the past year I’ve had numerous discussions with colleagues about how unhappy they are with what’s become the status quo amongst coaches, consultants and solopreneurs.  
It doesn’t matter if call yourself ‘conscious’ or ‘heart-centered’ or a ‘changemaker’.  The fact of the matter is that an old marketing paradigm persists and even the most heart-centered entrepreneurs have drank the Kool Aid, thinking that in order to acquire new clients they need to push the pain-button.  And, in order to make an impact in the world, they need to create strategic partnerships with other colleagues who have big lists… that way they can expand their reach and build their own list. And the cherry on top… is to become a featured speaker in a mega-telesummit with all the gurus because that’s how to create real credibility as an expert.

Well, guess what?  I’m calling bullshit on all of it.  And so are an emerging group of entrepreneurs who are waking up to the truth and realizing that they not only want, but NEED to do things differently.  They’ve realized that they have a fundamental values-conflict with the current marketing model, and that’s why they haven’t been as successful with their outreach efforts as they had hoped. (read full post here: http://bit.ly/1E7vNEY)

*More about Dustin*

Dustin Stout is a social media enthusiast and strategist and helps people and brands excel online through design, branding and social media. He is the Chief Marketing Officer for Weal Media, a digital and PR firm that believes storytelling and relationships are the keys to online success.  One of his passions is telling great stories and helping other people do the same.  He believes that everyone is inherently creative and helps people to unleash their creative side through inspiration, education and encouragement.

Connect with Dustin: www.DustinStout.com

*More about Lisa*

+Lisa Engles  is an evolutionary entrepreneur, consultant, mentor and awakener.  She is the founder of InnerState Coaching where she works with people who are waking up and changing the world.  

Lisa is committed to using her gifts of connecting and communicating to reach a world-wide audience through her Google+ Hangouts: The Power of Practice and Hangouts with Visionary Leaders.  She believes that humanity is collectively experiencing the symptoms of awakening but is largely unaware of how to navigate through the turmoil and upheavals.  Her hangouts address the inherent challenges and opportunities of the consciousness shift while also offering innovative ideas and practical resources and tools for the journey.

Connect with Lisa: www.InnerStateCoaching.com