[GGXXAC/XRDR] Ricochet (Venom CMV #3)


Sean English - [GGXXAC/XRDR] Ricochet (Venom CMV #3)

[GGXXAC/XRDR] Ricochet (Venom CMV #3) - Sean English

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Sean English
  • 4 months ago
Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EngrishVEN

I'm going to be putting up the scrapped combos up on my twitter over the next few weeks, so all the more reason to follow.

Finally got this beast of a cmv done decided to up the production/editing quality.

Decided to go for more of a megamix style of video (similar to desk's videos) and I've kind of always wanted to do some combo stuff with the game that got me into Guilty Gear competitively, AC/+R.