Redmi Y2 Launched with 3 PROBLEMS ! Check OUT !


Tech Dekhoji - Redmi Y2 Launched with 3 PROBLEMS ! Check OUT !

Redmi Y2 Launched with 3 PROBLEMS ! Check OUT ! - Tech Dekhoji

Redmi Y2 Launched with 3 PROBLEMS ! Check OUT ! - playertube best videos

playertube best videos - Redmi Y2 Launched with 3 PROBLEMS ! Check OUT !
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Tech Dekhoji
  • 7 days ago
Xiaomi Redmi Y2 launched Launched with 3 Problems. Everyphone has some Good and Some Weakness and this video clearly describe about the Weakness of Redmi Y2 if the Smartphone is priced at Rs.10,000 or more for the base variant. Well the Weakness does not mean that the Smartphone is BAD. It just describe about weak points which can be weakness for you or might not be a weakness for you.

Redmi Y2 is launched with Dual AI Camera and 16MP selfie camera at Rs.9,990 in India. Redmi Y2 comes with Dual Camera setup and will be focus on Entry level Dual camera setup. This Redmi Note 5 Pro Lite version is the lite variant of Redmi Note 5 Pro which focuses on Dual Rear camera and Selfie Camera. Redmi S2 can be Launched as Redmi Y2 in India. The same can also be named as Xiaomi Y2 Specifically for Indian Market.

The code named Redmi S2 specifications highlights 12+5MP Dual camera setup on the back and 16MP Front facing camera on front with fingerprint scanner and Face Unlock Feature. The Smartphone will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa core chipset and 3080 mAh battery with Metal body. The Smartphone will come with 5.99" HD+ Full View Display panel with Fingerprint scanner and Face Unlock as a security features. The Smartphone will support IR BLASTER and Gyroscope sensor. Although there I'll not be any NFC support on this phone.

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