Every IB Biology drawing you NEED to know


IB like Cole - Every IB Biology drawing you NEED to know

Every IB Biology drawing you NEED to know - IB like Cole

Every IB Biology drawing you NEED to know - playertube best videos

playertube best videos - Every IB Biology drawing you NEED to know
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IB like Cole
  • 4 days ago

This is every single drawing you need to know!

Looking through the 2016 syllabus, this video covers 2 main types of statements

- Draw
- Annotate
( + one additional shade statement of graphs and a skill statement of energy pyramids )

However, the following is not covered:

No calculations from images are demonstrated e.g. "Skill: Use of a light microscope to investigate the structure of cells and tissues, with drawing of cells.”

No identifying from drawings e.g. ” Skill: Interpretation of electron micrographs to identify organelles and deduce the function of specialized cells.”

No recognising from diagrams “Students should be able to recognize from molecular diagrams that triglycerides, phospholipids and steroids are lipids. “

Does not include question specific skills that show a lot of variability "Skill: Construction of dichotomous keys for use in identifying specimens.” or “Skill: Analysis of cladograms to deduce evolutionary relationships.”

Not that I don’t want to include these things, it’s that these things need a video to itself to be fully explained properly.

This video includes things you have to draw - not that you can draw optionally

Also Note: Annotate diagrams show a lot of variability - therefore use the annotate diagrams in the video to get an idea of the type of diagram that would show up in a test. The exam can use any diagram and tell you to annotate it (e.g. different angle, different style, different features) so it’s best to practice annotating from multiple sources (eg. study guide, textbook, bioninja, past papers)

I have gone through the syllabus a bad amount of times to make sure i hit every one of them, this video has taken me about 4 weeks. Hope it helps, I did the best I could!

Drawings I have missed (Pointed out by comments):

- Drawing of a palisade mesophyll cell (Thanks XstrioX)

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