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Technical Lean Tools 04: Heijunka - Jacob Isaac-Lowry

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Jacob Isaac-Lowry
  • 1 months ago
Module: 05 Technical Lean Tools
Section: 04 Heijunka

Course Description:

This section covers the concept of Heijunka or load leveling. After an initial discussion of the thinking behind the lean tool, several different leveling and balancing approaches are studied. The result is a demonstration of the most effective methods of sequencing production in order to minimize inventory and manpower. As Heijunka can be difficult to grasp initially, a brief summary of concepts is included at the end of the section.

Material covered in this section:

Heijunka thinking
Production leveling
Resource stabilization
Leveling production by volume
Method 1
Method 2
Leveling by volume and style
Method 3
Manpower efficiency
Conveyor example
Heijunka summary

This section is structured to first present the benefits of load leveling followed by a review of the benefits and drawbacks to traditional production sequences. The material follows a logical path to the final method of production leveling by volume and sequence and demonstrates the potential reductions in waste. Heijunka is a powerful lean tool capable of dramatically reducing overhead costs and manpower requirements. This section builds upon the foundation of the previous tools and bridges the gap to the remaining high level skills.

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