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Happy Learning English - The Crocodile | Educational Video for Kids.

The Crocodile | Educational Video for Kids. - Happy Learning English

The Crocodile | Educational Video for Kids. - playertube best videos

playertube best videos - The Crocodile | Educational Video for Kids.
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Hello friends, and welcome to a new Happy Learning video. Today we are going to learn about the crocodile...a very carnivorous reptile. ( a great predator)

As we all know, crocodiles are reptiles, and like all reptiles, their body is covered by scales. Thick, hard scales which protects the animal, serving it as an armor. Crocodiles appeared on earth 200 million years ago meaning that they lived with the dinosaurs. It´s incredible isn't it?

Crocodiles are oviparous...look at these little guys who have just hatched from their eggs.

They have very strong muscles on their tail and they use them to move in the water. On land, on the other hand, they aren't so fast walking rather slowly on their four feet.

The crocodiles lungs are very large, they can hold their breath up to six hours under the water...aren't they fantastic divers?

Crocodiles can regulate their body temperature depending on how hot or cold it is, it is for this reason that they love to sunbath by the river´s edge.

They are also carnivorous creatures. When they are young they eat crabs, frogs, insects and other small animals but as they grow older they can eat fish and large mammals or even a lost and confused animal, like this poor rodent... fewgh! he just managed to escape on time!

Crocodiles hunt but closing in very silently under the water so as not to alert their prey until all of a sudden smack! They leap out of the water at top speed and grab their victim with their powerful jaws...

Do you know how many teeth crocodiles have? They have almost 80 sharp teeth but because they use them so much, some fall out, but that isn't a problem because they soon grow back again, so they could have up to 3 thousand teeth during their lifetime.
Look, look. Watch how they hunt...

Crocodiles can live up to 80 years but many don't reach that age...
Yup, crocodile are indeed a threat for us human beings but human being are a much larger threat for crocodiles. They use their skin to make wallets, shoes, belts, bags and many more things...and crocodile meat is a specialty in a lot of countries.

They have completely disappeared in a lot of places and in others, sadly, they are about to vanish, too as they are in danger of being extinct...and we must not allow that.

Even though they scare us a bit, we cannot permit that crocodiles, nor any other animal, disappears from their habitats...they are extremely important, vital for nature´s balance.

So on behalf of Happy Learning, as always, we ask you to look after our environment as well as all living creatures...since all, no matter how dangerous or insignificant they may seem, are crucial for life´s balance, for nature.

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