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My Aseel Paris collection of parrot beak - Epic Swipe

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Epic Swipe
  • 4 months ago
this is the video od pure parrot beak aseel breed from india these aseel are so pure and have parrot beak and long tail aseel , i like this breed very much , parrot beak aseel are so beautiful and big in size they have long tail as well , so amazing to see these birds , i hope you like this video , aseel are the best in the world , aseel lovers , aseel fight , aseel documentry 2016 aseel for sale, pakistani aseel , there is alot oof aseel breed in the world but this breed is so rare and beautiful , these bird are not use for fight beacause they are not speedy , parrot beak aseel have long tail and big size they cant fight very well , best video of aseel , aseel lovers , asil , pure asil ., asil new video ,
aseel is breed that have aggreation to fight , aseel body structure is very hard and they dont feel injuries , aseel is beautiful bird , people like to have them as pet bird , in paksitan there is lot of aseel breed , every person like different breed , some like colour , some like body structure , some body shape , there is different expects tolike this great bird , aseel murga , is also famous for its beauty , when asil complete his feather sheding aseel shine more than normal days , aseel rooster is a game fowl , you can see , i like long tail aseel and parrot beak, these are so amazing aseel birds, long tail asil and parrot beak aseel are rare ,
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PAkistani aseel Documentry
in this video you will see the pure breed aseel from pakistan , in pakistan we have world best aseel breed , they are very aggreasive and speed , and big in size also , pakistan aseel is so pure , they are lot of breed in pakistan ,
there is lot of breeds in paksitan , like miawali aseel , shikra , begam aseel, java aseel , white aseel , red aseel, peela aseel , long tail aseel, parrot beak aseel , saleeta aseel , sindhi aseel , mushka aseel , etc,
this is the video of red aseel murga of mine from paksitan this is pure miawali aseel from paksitan this breed os very hard hitter and speedy, you can see the his beautiful features of a pure aseel , this breed of aseel is from paksitan city of miawali , this is called as miawali red aseel ,this murgha have white feathers in his tail , this aseel rosteer is completing his feather sheeding , pakistan breed is the best in the world, you can see the purity of theis bird , pure white eyes , white legs and white feathers in the tail these are the pure blood line aseel breed ,
this is the video of my kala Mushka from paksitan , this bird is very hard hitter and pure you can see in the video , kala aseel murga,check this bird , aseel murga is on my farm , this bird complete his feather shedding now completing his tail feathers , aseel from pakistan , best kala mushka aseel , aseel lovers , aseel from pakistan 2016 , big aseel murga, big aseel rooster paksitan
this is the video of my peela aseel murga from paksitan , this is so amazing bird , this aseel roster is shining and his tail is still completing his feathers , you can see in the video ,like my vide

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