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Most versatile filmmaking tool? - Fenchel & Janisch

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Fenchel & Janisch
  • 2 months ago
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Gear list & additional info: https://goo.gl/xdh14o

Moritz from Fenchel & Janisch talks about the pros and cons of using certain video and filmmaking gear. The video focuses on working with 3-axis hand-held gimbals, the use of sliders and jibs (camera cranes). Which is the most versatile piece of gear for filmmakers?

Gear used in this video:
Gimbal: http://goo.gl/Pc4SNW
Jib/crane: http://goo.gl/fwpr2Q
Slider: http://goo.gl/MEY9Fl
Camera: http://goo.gl/Bqdppe

Music by PremiumBeat.com: http://bit.ly/1TFQ108

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Marcel Fenchel and Moritz Janisch are a team of filmmakers based in Frankfurt, Germany.
Their film production company, Fenchel & Janisch, produces commercials and corporate videos for a broad variety of companies from different branches.
Since the start of the DSLR revolution their goal is to provide interesting and straight to the point filmmaking and editing tutorials for beginners and advanced film enthusiasts from all over the world.
Besides famous tutorials like “The ultimate Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking” or “How to get the Filmlook” that both got over 1 Million views on YouTube, Fenchel & Janisch also share technical gear reviews, short films and behind the scenes videos. The documentary “Format Frankfurt” was entirely shot with HD DSLRs over a period of three years. The full-length film premiered in May 2014 in German cinemas and is available on video on demand: https://goo.gl/eFkYEl

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