🇵🇭 The Ultimate Palawan Travel Guide | Best Places in 2017 | Philippines Full HD


Travel Gretl - 🇵🇭 The Ultimate Palawan Travel Guide | Best Places in 2017 | Philippines Full HD

🇵🇭 The Ultimate Palawan Travel Guide | Best Places in 2017 | Philippines Full HD - Travel Gretl

🇵🇭 The Ultimate Palawan Travel Guide | Best Places in 2017 | Philippines Full HD - playertube best videos

playertube best videos - 🇵🇭 The Ultimate Palawan Travel Guide | Best Places in 2017 | Philippines Full HD
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Travel Gretl
  • 9 days ago
Planning a trip to Palawan? This is the ultimate Palawan travel guide! All places you must see, and some extra’s.

Made this trip as a female solo traveler. The Philippines is a great country for solo travel if you ask me :D

Big shoutout to Chris, for some of his amazing shots! Check out his Dumaran video here:
You’ll love it, I promise

Love to:
Vexento, Jimmy Square and Joakim Karud for the Music (check all their details at the bottom!)

Some links as shown in the vid:
Buhay Isla: http://buhayisla.com/
Secret Paradise Turtle Resort: http://secretparadiseresort.com/
Jeremy and Jake tours: https://www.facebook.com/portbartontours/


Welcome to Palawan. Proclaimed nr. 1 island in the world multiple times over the last decade. And for some good reasons.

Puerto Princesa
One way or another, you will end up in Puerto Princesa. Arriving from Manila or Cebu, or leaving at the end of your trip. It’s the biggest city on the island and the gateway to the beautiful beaches and corals. I wouldn’t suggest staying here too long, but if you’re up for something quorky, at least stick around for the ultimate city tour. You’ll never find yourself in a butterfly garden (ok, this is not a butterfly) and in prison, at the same day ever again.

Underground River
Tourist madness or a must see? There are conflicting reports online about the Underground River. Only a daytrip away from Puerto Princesa.
Fact is, this stunning peace of earth was declared as one of the seven wonders of nature in 2011. Yes, she does attract some people. But if you can get passed that, she makes up for a unique experience.

Port Barton
Before arriving in the most popular spot in Palawan, turn left and chill out in Port Barton. By far my favorite of the entire island. Relatively undiscovered, but still with everything your heart desires. Blue lagoons, white beaches, and a room for every budget. The corals are amongst the best I’ve seen in Palawan, and there is a whole lot of under water goodness for you to discover.

El Nido
Continue to the far north of the main island and you’ll end up in El Nido. Worldfamous for her surroundings. The limestone cliffs seem to just tickle the sky, and let’s not even start about the beaches. Small Lagoon definitely is one of the most mesmerizing places I’ve ever visited. But all of this didn’t go unnoticed. In only a few years time a sleepy fishing village, only accessable by dirt road, became the biggest tourism hub in the region. Book your room in time, cause hotels tend to fill up faster than you can blink the eye. And be prepared to share your beaches with some other guests.

Continuing east you will end up in Sibaltan. A small village, with only a handful of tourists. Note how the resorts here are built with natural material only. We had an amazing time in here two years ago, exploring the surroundings in multiple ways. You can easily enjoy yourself multiple days in a row. Just forget about the rest of the world, put your feet in the air and relax.

Buhay Isla Expedition
Search online for Palawan and one thing will be clear: you MUST get on an expedition between El Nido and Coron. It’s multiple days, living on a boat, sleeping on deserted islands. Exploring the surroundings of Linapacan. Untouched by mass tourism, you will find most of these places all for yourself. From caves to beaches and if you’re ready: just get your own food.

The northernmost stop in this province is Busuanga. Better known as Coron. A place famous for her WWII shipwrecks. A hotspot for divers from all over the world. Also because of the weird thermocline experience in Baracuda lake. A layer of sweet and salt water make you dive in 36 degrees celcius. As Sander put it: like being back in the uterus. Well, it’s weird but fun! Other activities for sure include island hopping, and if it’s not raining you can climb mount Dalara. If it’s not raining I said…
One of the most beautiful views is this one. Look back on your way to Kayangan lake and make sure you take this iconic picture!


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For all of you out there from the Philippines who LOVE ISAW! I made a song for you :)
Check it out: "Isaw Song | Dip it in Vinegar | Philippines | TravelGretl 2017"