8 Appalling CGI Fails In Modern Movies


Screen Rant - 8 Appalling CGI Fails In Modern Movies

8 Appalling CGI Fails In Modern Movies - Screen Rant

8 Appalling CGI Fails In Modern Movies - playertube best videos

playertube best videos - 8 Appalling CGI Fails In Modern Movies
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  • 1 months ago
Cats Definitely Made This List And You Know Why
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CGI has a mixed reputation. Although it’s often fun and sometimes even beautiful, it can also be very, very bad. Whether it’s applied too liberally, or just poorly done, there have been a lot of examples of sub-par CGI.

Take Cats, the most recent example. Although a lot of the CGI shortcomings in Cats can be chalked up to bad character design (a cat wearing a fur coat, cats with noses), much of it is also just bad CGI. There are the hands missing fur, the crotches that are (supposedly) missing bulges and the way that none of it quite seems to come together. It ended up being so bad that the studio (Warner Bros) released a second, polished version of the film, with some of the smaller mistakes corrected.

Kind of like what happened with the new Sonic, although they did that before the movie came out, rehauling the design of the movie’s main character to appease angry fans. Sonic is one of the few movies that has succeeded in this way. Justice League, like Cats, ruined a whole movie by spending $3 million to get rid of Mark Hamill’s Mission Impossible moustache.

But this practice is nothing new. From the Dwayne Johnson Baywatch and it’s very obviously fake fire, to the Dwayne Johnson Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns which, yes, is really Dwayne Johnson, CGI has been bad for a long time. Even Pixar has done it poorly.

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