ये हैं FREE FIRE के गेमिंग चैंपियंस ! | Tech Tak


Tech Tak - ये हैं FREE FIRE के गेमिंग चैंपियंस ! | Tech Tak

ये हैं FREE FIRE के गेमिंग चैंपियंस ! | Tech Tak - Tech Tak

ये हैं FREE FIRE के गेमिंग चैंपियंस ! | Tech Tak - playertube best videos

playertube best videos - ये हैं FREE FIRE के गेमिंग चैंपियंस ! | Tech Tak
Share to your friends - ये हैं FREE FIRE के गेमिंग चैंपियंस ! | Tech Tak
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Tech Tak
  • 1 months ago
Prakash Bharvad, Vivek Choudhary, Krupesh Choudhary and Radhe Thakur are professional gamers from Gujarat. They hadn't met or interacted with each other until they became GJ Radhe Bhai, VRC 100, GJ Jigar and GJ Radhe on Free Fire, one of the biggest Battle Royale games available on smartphones.

The 4 youngsters from Gujarat fell in love with Free Fire within months of beginning to play the cracking Battle Royale game a couple of years ago.

When they started out to play the hugely popular game, little did they know they would become a "family". Little did they know they would beat close to 35,000 teams and become India's most successful Free Fire team. Little did they know, they would represent India in the Free Fire World Series Final in Brazil in November 2019.

Nawabzade, a team of 4 from Gujarat, won Free Fire India Today League, the country's biggest Battle Royale tournament, on Saturday at Siri Fort in New Delhi. Prakash, Vivek, Krupesh and Radhe took home Rs 8.5 lakh and tickets to Brazil to represent the country.

48 players, on Saturday, had a platform to showcase their skills. Free Fire India Today League was live streamed across several content sharing platforms and thousands were at the Siri Fort to witness the grand finale.

The members of Nawabzade can feel the change in the Esports environment in the country. When they started out, their parents were against them staring at their phones for hours. Things have changed now.
Nawabzade are more excited than nervous about the opportunity to represent India in Brazil. It's a dream come true for them and they are pretty sure they can make a solid impression and do their country proud in the World Series finale.

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